《HB kids英语故事儿歌》全90集 mp4高清 幼儿英语儿歌启蒙动画 百度网盘下载

动画名称:HB kids英语故事儿歌
动画语言:英文发音 英文字幕

HB kids英语故事儿歌动画简介

《HB Kids英语故事儿歌》是一个循序渐进、全面系统的英语教学系列。包含英语歌曲、英语故事、真人教学、单词学习等多个模块,并且在全部90集内容中,每15集为一个阶段,共6大阶段,单词量和句子复杂程度逐级提高。在潜移默化中帮助宝宝提升英语水平,阶段性教学更有助于让宝宝自发性的主动学习,并逐步强化学习能力。


HB kids英语故事儿歌动画全90集目录

01.My family is sleeping
02.My Baby Brother
03.Family Vacation
05.Look at My Picture
06.Long and Short
07.Kids_’ Fashion Show
08.Getting Dressed
09.Too Big, Too Small
10.Ten Skiers in a Row
11.Shape Galaxy
12.Color Magic
13.Do you see Missy
14.Good Morning, Farmer Bob!
15.Animal Circus
16.The Toy Store
17. Christmas
18. Living Toys
19. Fat Jake
20. Baking a Cake
21. Grandma_’s Kimchi
22. The Missing Belly Button
23. Building a House
24. Where do you live
25. Wagon Race
26. Town People
27. Kid Town
28. Fido_’s Adventure
29. Ten clowns in a car
30. The Lazy Bird
31. My Day
32. What Day Is It
33. What Time Is It
34. The Four Seasons
35. The Balloon Ride
36. I Like Today’s Weather
37. My Secret Friend, Sally
38. A Snowy Day
39. My Baby
40. The First Day of School
41. Puppy Feelings
42. The Jealous Boy
43. The Birthday Wish
44. The Dinner Party
45. Party Manners
46.Thank you
47.My new friend
48.School rules
49.Getting a shot
50.Jay goes to the doctor
51.Mom is sick
52.Welcome to funland
53.The roller coaster ride
54.I love these games!
56.The birthday present
57.Pants for a giant
58.Travel the world
59.Island trip
60.Dad, what are you doing
61.Under the Sea
62.The Life of Salmon mp4
63.Beach Fun
64.Lands of the Earth
65.Mountain Life
66.Thirsty Lizzy
67.What Is in the Clouds
68.Where Is Rain From
69.Air Sports
70.Earth and Space
71.The Solar System
72.The First Man on the Moon
73.A Day without Machine
74.Bill’s Robot
75.Trip to the Future
76.A sport for Amy
77.How can I get first place
78.What sport uses these things
79.I wonder what it is
80.Sing in a chorus
81.Sounds around us
82.Saving money
83.The history of money
84.I can find it!
85.Incredible Structures
86.Greetings from around the world
87.Festivals of the world
88.Junktown and ecotown
89.The magic recycling box
90.A letter from the earth


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